Some frequently asked questions about my services.

 What services do you offer?

Copywriting for lead generation including case studies, social media, web copy, auto responders and newsletters, as well as consultations are my primary services. However, I also provide editing and ghostwriting services for those clients that have a need.

Do you handle other types of marketing and sales materials?

I sure do. I can provide you with your  "behind the scenes" materials such as product sheets, trade show materials, sales aids,  brochures or other traditional sales and marketing materials that you may need.  I can also help you set up your social media and provide website copy.

What is your typical turnaround time?

It can be a little as 1-2 weeks for 1-3 page marketing or sales copy, 3-5 weeks for case studies or white papers depending on complexity.  Of course, turnaround times are based on when we begin work on the project. Timelines could be longer or shorter depending on my schedule and the complexity of the project. Getting on the schedule in advance is the key to being able to meet your timeline.

How much do you charge?

I charge based on the project and pricing depends on your specific project. I work with you to determine what you need done and then provide recommendations and an estimate of the total fee before we start any work.  Since I try to work on a flat fee basis, my estimate is what you will be invoiced unless you make a significant change or increase the scope of the project. Any extra revisions or add-ons will increase the amount you will owe for the project.

Are revisions included?

Absolutely. I always send you a first draft that I consider to be solid based on your requirements, but two rounds of minor changes are always included in every project to get things perfect.  Additional revisions will be at a per hour charge.

What are your business terms?

First-time clients sign a contract and pay 50% upfront before any work is started with the balance payable within 15 days of completion. Established clients are generally offered the following two options and may chose the option they prefer.

Option A: Invoice once.  100% of the Total Project Fees amount is invoiced now and payable in 30 days.

Option B: Invoice in 2 installments. 50% of the Total Project Fees is invoiced now with the remaining  balance invoiced upon project completion or 30 days from project start date (whichever comes first) and is payable in net 15 days.  Work for this project will commence upon receipt of this initial deposit check.

How do we begin?

Email me at or contact me. I will discuss your project, goals and schedule.