Why am I your copywriting partner of choice?

 I believe my clients, colleagues, and partners say it best..

"Pat is articulate, concise and consistent.  Pat edited the eBank Communications value proposition and website copy into an easy to understand format capturing and bringing forward our corporate voice. Pat is an excellent copywriter and editor. It is clear that Pat's skills, while mostly experienced within the telecoms industry, transfer to other industries very well."   - Sandeep J Shah,  CEO eBank Communications

“Pat joined us with no prior background in email marketing but brought with her a well-received writing style and a willingness to expend the necessary effort to quickly learn our business. She continued to exhibit patience and openness to learn the finer points of email marketing. At the end of her tenure here, Pat ended up producing content for nine product feature releases not to mention numerous product one-pagers, training material, case studies, and internal newsletter articles." -  Manny Ju, Director Product Management Blue Hornet

“Patricia is a dedicated, talented individual with an incredible drive to provide the best service to her clients and customers. I have had the pleasure to work with her for the past couple of years...... Her knowledge and expertise has made a challenging project run smoothly and with no surprises. She has always gone above and beyond in her customer support and attention to detail. Pat is and will continue to be an asset to any organization or group.”    - Kim Jakubowski, NexTech Wireless

“I had the pleasure of working with Pat on more than one project and she was always professional and a go getter. Pat has an outstanding work ethic and great attention to detail. I would highly recommend Pat .”          - Abby Raven, Syniverse

“I liked working with Patricia! We collaborated on various wireless industry projects and I appreciated her keen combination of technical and business savvy. She is very professional -- thorough, helpful, strategic, solution-oriented -- with customers and industry partners. She does this with a can-do attitude and delivers on her commitments.”    - Eric Hill, VeriSign